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The Team




2001 Dig Diary

Westray 2002: The Team

Director and Senior Staff

James Barrett
Excavation Director
Terry O'Connor
Landscape Survey Coordinator
"Have you got any…?"
Lennard Anderson
Area Supervisor
James Gerrard
Area Supervisor


"'Waterproof trousers' or 'Rain-pants'?"
Catrina Adams
Just your friendly neighbourhood Finds-Man!
Steve Ashby
Finds Supervisor
Jen Harland
Lab Supervisor and Web Mistress
Because She's Danish.
Mags Felter
Excavation Assistant
Full of brilliant ideas.
Eva Sköld
Excavation Assistant
"Eva, vad heter det på svenska?"
Marcus Smith
Survey Supervisor and Web Master

Experienced Excavators

"You must be joking!"
Jamie Andrews
"I'm allergic to soil."
Laura Bolan
Tim Cornah
Have you seen this Chicken?
Dave Fell
"I don't *remember* drinking 17 bottles…"
Vicki Fox
Wot, no Dark Island?
Anthony Haskins
Fastest flotter in the west.
Cath Neal
My ears are burning…
Suzi Richer
"Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French sections..."
Mike Sowden

Zoë Sutherland
"It's what I live for, sah!"
Nick Trustram-Eve
Gone but not forgotten.
Mari Whitelaw

Fieldschool Participants

Tom Canning

Leslie Catt

Matt Hodkin

Ken Leach

Laura Murray

Lou Pegler
He'll swim anything.
James Ratcliffe

Hannah Stone

Tim Tatlioglu


Geoff Birchenall

Kate Keys

Fünf the lab cat

Jess, the other lab cat

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