DIGS 2002

Below is this year's dig schedule. The teams carrying out the digs will be posting information and pictures as work progresses so watch these pages to keep up to date with events.
Bookan Chambered Cairn 17th - 28th of June
Nick Card, with the assistance of Dr Colin Richards and students from Manchester and Orkney, is re-excavating parts of this chambered cairn to retrieve evidence relating to its construction and date.
Vestrafiold, Sandwick 1st - 12th July
: Is this, or is it not, a site where Standing Stones were quarried?
Knowes of Trotty, Harray 5th - 7th July
This Bronze Age barrow cemetery is particularly important becauseof the finds of gold and amber discovered last century.
Geophysics on the Brodgar peninsula 25th July - 5th September
. If there's more to the prehistoric landscape here than meets the eye… John Gater will locate it!
Minehowe, Tankerness 12th August - 7th September
Nearby, and probably contemporary with Minehowe, is a broch set out into wetland. We will be investigating this broch and its siting as well as looking for connections between Minehowe and the broch.
Knowe of Skea, Berstness, Westray 26th August - 20th September
This excavation is being undertaken as a response to the threat to the site from the sea.
Quoygrew, Westray 1st July - 9th August
The extensive middens, houses and fields of this site contain evidence for the economic basis of a vernacular settlement from Viking to Post-Medieval times.