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These pictures and papers have been gathered in honour of Daphne Home Lorimer MBE on the occasion of her retirement as Chairman of Orkney Archaeological Trust, to mark our affection for her as a friend, our respect for her as a colleague and our admiration for all that she has achieved.

"We know Orkney has a rich archaeological heitage, but Daphne Lorimer's commitment has ensured that interest in its discovery and conservation has the recognition it properly merits. To know Daphne is to be infected by her enthusiasm, and the study and pursuit of archaeology in Orkney has been so much enriched by her enthusiasm and interest."
Jim Wallace MSP March 2004

These pages are presented with the best wishes of the contributors, helpers and friends, including:

all at AOC Scotland, Lindsay Bailey, Torben and Beverley Ballin, May Banks, James Barrett and Sarah King, Colleen Batey, Jean and Chris Booth, Don Brothwell, Anne Brundle, Steve and Margery Callaghan, Nick Card, John and Marion Chesters, Barbara and Robert Crawford, Keith Dobney, Steve Dockrill and Julie Bond, Jane Downes, Peter Drummond, Sandy and Hilda Firth, Julie Gibson, Joyce Gray, Sarah Grieve, Liz Gilmore and Pete Stokes, all at HADAS, Hugh and Erica Halcro-Johnston, Bill Hamilton, all at Headland Archaeology, Ian and Iris Heddle, Arlene Isbister, Anne and Ronnie Johnson, Dave Lawrence and Caz Mamwell, John Leith, Peter Leith, David Mackie, Angus Mackintosh, Neil and Rosemary McCance, Theya Molleson and Robert Ward, Hazel Moore and Graeme Wilson, Chris Morris, Tom Muir, Sean Mullan, all at NMS Archaeology, Northstar New Media, the Orkney Archaeological Trust and FOAT, the Orkney Heritage Society, the Orkney Library and Archives, the Orkney Museum, Orkney Natural History Society, Colin Renfrew, Colin Richards, Graham and Anna Ritchie, Judith Robertson, Alison Sheridan, Cameron and Angela Taylor, Jennifer Thom, Sigurd Towrie, Kate Towsey and Jon Humphries, Nan Traill Thomson, Jim Wallace MSP, Sheena Wenham, Caroline Wickham-Jones.

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