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Westray 2001: The Team


James Barrett
University of York

Hazel Moore
EASE Archaeology

Graeme Wilson
EASE Archaeology

Staff and Experienced Excavators

Sailing? I'd rather be in Area G!
Catherine Bertrand
Experienced Excavator
Toast!  Toast!
Debs Butterworth
Experienced Excavator, Berst Ness
He's not tired...
Steve Dobson
Survey Supervisor
He will have his vengeance... in this life, or the next.
Nick Coakley
Experienced Excavator, Berst Ness
Danish in Blue
Mags Felter
Experienced Excavator
Jen Harland
Lab Manager and Webmaster
Who's a pretty stoat then?
Anthony Haskins
Experienced Excavator

Sarah King
Marf models a mattock
Martha McAulay
Finds Supervisor
If I could talk to the animals...
Craig McKibbin
Experienced Excavator and Auger Survey
He's too sexy for your trowel...
Steve Miles
Experienced Excavator
Ray eating cat food
Ray Moore
Excavation Supervisor
Do you stock vegetarian catfood?
Sarah Murgatroyd
Lab Assistant
Logical positivism? No thanks!
Tessa Poller
Excavation Supervisor and Auger Survey
Tom, apparently hard at work...
Tom Riley
Site Manager and Web Author
Me? A demi-god?
Sven Schröder
Drawing Supervisor
Marcus Smith
Survey Supervisor

The Berst Ness Crew

Shiny Happy People, Holding Hands
Finn (the dog), Nick Card, Martin Carruthers, Eland Stuart, Donna Maguire, Iona Anthony, Julie Franklin, Mairi Claire Semple and Doug (the dog)

First Year Field School Participants

Me and me first mate, ye scurvy cur!
Jamie Andrews
If you have a problem; if no-one else can help...
Tim Cornah
Water, water everywhere...
Vicki Fox
Handy with hairgrips and theodolite battery components.
Alix Lee
This is my trowel.  There are many like it, but this one is mine...
Alex McGregor
The Lady's Not For Turning...
Kathy Morrison
The proud inventor of the Antiseptic Spam Wipe
Cath Neal
'#Mud, mud, glorious mud...'
Suzi Richer
It's been a bit of a 'blonde' day...
Lucy Roberts
Who needs Xena Warrior Princess?
Eva Sköld
*Not* a geordie
Laura Smith
Queen o' the isles
Zoë Sutherland
Wipe them out.  All of them.
Emily Thornton

Also on the team

Couldn't have got here without her
The lab cat
The site dog

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